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Whether you’ve never used fastening before or if you’ve worked with its mountains - buying the proper wax stamp may be difficult, as there isn’t lots of knowledge to guide your journey. That’s why we’re here to save lots of you time (and money) of trial and error - by making a listing of the most common things to ask you before buying the highest 10mm!

What is wax stamp?

To get us started - we should always probably just discuss wax! Sealing wax may be a wax material designed to dissolve easily, holding the impression when sealed; Then harden it when it cools.

Traditionally, fastener was wont to send letters safely to squares and knights' time without concern of tampering. Also used as a standing symbol, seals were reserved for royalties and reputable professions like lawyers or doctors.

Wax stamp have come a protracted way since then, although they still retain height and important form. Now everything from wedding invitations and crafts to branding and packaging is employed - the uses of fixing and holdfast are endless!

What makes a good sealing wax?

As we said above - not all roofs are made equal of wax! When we created our signature ceiling wax blend years ago, we wanted to form the best quality roof wax, and here we've the essential, top 5 features that we believe make roof wax amazing:

  1. Rich in colour (and many of them);
  2. Luxurious and easy texture
  3. Flexible and sturdy enough to match
  4. Easy to use, doesn't stick frequently and avoids pooling
  5. Maintains an outlined, high-quality effect

Now - it’s easy to mention all those things when you’ve already bought and tested the wax, But ... how does one tell the difference between differing types of seal before you press that buy button?

Are all waxes the same?

It’s like asking if all coffee is that the same! While you'll make your coffee the identical way when, employing a sort of coffee beans will change the taste of your cup! It is okay to work with different brands of fastener.

Based on the substance accustomed create the wax, the format of the wax (hello glue gun sealing wax), and therefore the organization you get it from - you may land up with a distinct reality. We will get into more information below about the precise inquiries to ask when buying your roof wax.

What are the different kinds of wax seal stamps?

There are two main forms of seal wax: conventional wax and versatile wax. It’s important to understand what each combination means, as each looks different and a few are just designed for specific uses! Easy to use wax seal stamps at the best price range and you can buy online available with these varieties.

The traditional mix

Traditional roofing wax is fairly easy to spot because it usually comes in either “wick with” wax sticks (square in shape and almost sort of a candle) or wickless wax sticks. Commonly found in traditional colours like black, red and gold - this kind of wax is widely available at stores like Etsy and Amazon.

Flexible mix

Flexible seal is created employing a combination of real wax and resin - to form a more flexible wax seal (and to forestall cracking or cracking) when pressed. Available in a very big selection of colours with thick consistency for straightforward pouring, it's the foremost popular style of wax employed in the marriage industry. this kind of holdfast is additionally known for travelling safely by mail and is employed on curved surfaces like bottles and candles. It is important to notice that this sort of wax varies greatly between different brands - so make sure to read the reviews before buying!

For more details about our wax stamp, contact Seals4You.

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